Online Design Studios Implements T-Shirt Design Platform

February 24, 2023

In a new educational video “Why Your Shop Needs a Design Studio” Online Design Studios breaks down its Shirt Designs Online platform by providing a real-world scenario detailing the process of a customer visiting your website with a shirt-design idea.

Shirt Designs Online originally launched in 2016. With backgrounds in the embellishment and software/SAAS industries respectively, the Online Design Studios staff delivers a better understanding of their customers’ needs and their customers’ customer’s needs.

“Although there are other companies that have been around for years offering a similar service, our research and interviews with people in the industry indicate those companies try to ‘do too much’ and ‘make things way too complicated,’” says Mark Stoddart, Online Design Studios, manager of operations. “Shirt Designs Online has a simpler approach that appeals to customers, instead of overwhelming the customer with a huge task they keep it simple, focusing on what the customer is trying to accomplish, which is to design a shirt.

“We all know that big companies like Custom Ink and Vistaprint are fueled by their design studio and are the biggest suppliers of printed products in the industry,” Stoddart continues. “These companies have made having a design studio on your website the norm and an expected tool on all print supplier websites. The fact is, today, print companies can’t afford not have one.”