Pacific Emblem Fundraises for Maui Victims

By Dustin Shrader , Managing Editor

August 25, 2023

Pacific Emblem Company, San Diego, has set up to raise money for the Maui fire victims by giving away uniquely designed patches, wristbands and decals.

Photo courtesy of Pacific Emblem.

With ties to and friends on the Hawaiian Islands, Pacific Emblem wants to help as much as possible.

“My heart hurts for all those on Maui who lost their lives, homes and businesses and I had to do something to raise desperately needed funds for the residents,” said Rich Soergel (aka Dr. Patch) president of Pacific Emblem Company. “My goal was set up a special site where people can donate and in doing so, get free patches, wristbands, and/or decals in return for their in-kind donations. We created a very special and carefully thought-out design featuring the Hono Hawaiian Sea Turtle (symbolizing wisdom and good luck) and a Whale Tail (symbolizing strength, spirit and determination) on a gentle Teal colored background. We are proud of our design.”

The company’s goal is to raise upwards of $50,000+ and donate to the Hawaii Community Foundation (referred to as the Maui Strong Fund). One hundred percent of the money raised (after the cost of goods, employees, shipping which is free) will be donated, with the ultimate goal being for Soergel to fly to Maui and hand-deliver a check for that amount and more.