Profits from New K12 Print Custom Apparel and Product Line to Promote Social Change

K12’s mission is to lift up underserved communities with opportunities and second chances
May 7, 2024

Riviera Beach, Florida—K12 Print has announced the hard launch of its new custom apparel and product line.

The innovative collection boasts the highest-quality, custom-printed T-shirts, dress shirts, workwear, mugs, and even baby bibs, all crafted using advanced technology. K12 Print has pledged a commitment to channeling profits towards uplifting underserved communities. Over the past year K12 Print has steadily grown its customer base through individual orders, high-profile clients such as Amazon, while providing fulfillment services for companies like VistaPrint.

Additionally, the new launch also signifies the official introduction of James Wahlberg as a co-owner of K12 Print. Wahlberg brings with him a wealth of renowned experience in fostering social change. His work with his brother Mark Wahlberg’s Youth Foundation and his commitment to helping those battling addiction showcase an unmatched depth of philanthropic experience that perfectly aligns with K12 Print’s mission.

At the heart of K12 Print is the drive to create opportunities in communities affected by poverty. The company’s name itself (K-12, denoting Kindergarten through 12th grade) reflects its foundational mission: to start breaking the cycle of poverty by investing in underserved youth. Through partnerships with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, K12 Print facilitates access to essential resources such as computers, internet access, and transportation. These amenities enable young people to access educational opportunities often taken for granted. “We turn our profits into opportunities for youth in need,” says John DiDonato, founder and CEO of K12 Print.

By keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States, K12 Print not only ensures the production of high-quality products but also provides training and well-paying jobs for individuals who may not pursue a college education. The company is set to launch paid internships, offering individuals the opportunity to acquire valuable trade skills and earn salaries enabling them to contribute positively to society.