Roland DG Relocates Company Headquarters

The new building will provide a space that creates new value by organically combining R&D, administration, and sales functions together in a single office area. Photo courtesy of Roland DG.

August 31, 2022
Roland DG Corporation, Hamamatsu, Japan, has announced that the company will relocate and consolidate its headquarters to Miyakoda and construct a new “Nearly ZEB” certified building that will reduce energy consumption by 75%.
To further improve efficiency, Roland has decided to integrate the factory and headquarter functions that are currently located at two separate venues in the Miyakoda area in Kita-ku, Hamamatsu. Additionally, the company will newly construct a “Nearly ZEB” certified building in July 2023 as its new headquarters, which will reduce energy consumption by 75%.
ZEB certification defines four levels of certification based on the level of achievement of a zero-energy construction. Zero-energy construction aims to reduce the annual primary energy consumption balance required for air conditioning, lighting, etc. to zero by combining energy-saving technologies, such as use of natural energy and efficient equipment systems, and energy-creating technologies, such as solar power generation. — D.S.