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ROQ, 730 Printing Tour Kicks off June 14

Cutting-edge screen-printing design and ROQ YOU demonstration to visit 9 U.S. cities

At the heart of the tour will be the ROQ YOU automatic screen-printing press. Photo courtesy of ROQ.US

June 12, 2024

730 Printing, in partnership with ROQ.US and MADE Lab, has announced the dates for its “730 Printing Tour,” what organizers describe as a “groundbreaking event set to reimagine and redefine the apparel decoration landscape and experience.”

The tour will include nine major U.S. cities in all, showcasing the designs of 730 Printing, artist and influencer Austin Babbitt, and the ROQ YOU automatic screen-printing press via live demonstrations, workshops and discussions with attendees.

According to organizers, “730 Printing wants to cultivate and preserve a culture they are passionate about. Screen-printed shirts mean the world to those who own them, and even more to those who create them. In the modern era, so many businesses are focused on speed and profit over art, that’s where 730 Printing stands their ground.”

“We want to create clothes that don’t get thrown away or donated, we want to make things that people cherish,” says 730’s James Margonie.

ROQ YOU Press on Display

Following appearances in Chicago and New York City, the tour will include stops in Houston, Phoenix, Denver and Los Angeles among other locales. As part of the tour, attendees will have the opportunity to see the ROQ YOU press in action on the road—a first for ROQ.US. The tour aims to educate and inspire both the brand and print communities, offering a unique set of hands-on experiences and expert insights. Attendees will even have the opportunity to print on any of their own apparel that they bring from home.

Hosting the tour is Austin Babbitt, known by his moniker “Asspizza,” an artist and clothing designer from Queens, New York. Babbitt, known for his originality and edge, co-founded 730 Printing to “push the boundaries of screen printing.”

“This [goal] is to push the boundaries of screen printing,” Babbitt says. “We were constantly told this tour would be impossible, but now we’re doing it. We’re excited to share 730’s passion and expertise with the community.”

As part of the tour Colton Moreno, a member of the ROQ.US solutions team, will also be on hand to guide attendees through the capabilities of the ROQ YOU. Cory Hanes of the ROQ.US Tech Team will also be with the tour to demonstrate the transformative power of ROQ’s innovative solutions and how they can help the next generation of designers, printers and brands achieve success.

Miguel Veliz from MADE Lab, an esteemed print engineer and expert in SEPS, will be traveling with the tour as well. For more information and to see the full tour schedule, click here.