Veteran Screen Printer Leading Online AI Design Course

Decorated-apparel business coach and Midjourney AI expert Marshall Atkinso

December 13, 2023

Veteran screen printer and longtime Impressions Expo conference sessions speaker Marshall Atkinson, principal of Atkinson Consulting, will be partnering with the AI Institute, an Irish online artificial intelligence course provider, this January teach a four-part “Midjourney for Designers” course for apparel decorators.

The course begins on January 25 and will meet for four weeks in all each Thursday. The focus will be on designers and creative professionals looking to build proficiency with the AI image generator tool Midjourney.

AI Institute Midjourney course, decorated apparelAs part of the course, students will be eligible take advantage of: Live interactive sessions with real-time Q&A; homework assignments to reinforce learning; comprehensive recorded content; exceptional tools and examples of Midjourney at work

Other courses offered by the Ai Institute include: AI for Marketing, AI for Enterprise Ops, AI Ethics for Leaders, AI for the Self-Employed and AI for Beginners.

For those interested in a brief introduction to AI and decorated apparel design, Atkinson also recently addressed the topic as part Impressions Magazine “Ask the Experts” series.

“Staying ahead of the curve is paramount for professional creatives,” Atkinson says. “Now is the time to learn AI, and I hope to share my knowledge on how to get the best out of Midjourney. Designers and creatives who use Midjourney can be more effective and creative in their work.”

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