SIIWII Launches Global Apparel B2B Network Platform

By Dustin Shrader , Managing Editor

June 2, 2023

SIIWII, New York, has launched its global apparel B2B network and social collaborative marketplace platform, which vertically covers the apparel supply chain, connecting factories, sellers, and buyers from around the world.

This innovative digital platform democratizes the apparel supply chain connectivity and aims to revolutionize the apparel industry by allowing its users to connect, collaborate and transact simply, according to the company. By connecting all players, the SIIWII will generate opportunities for collaborating on innovative projects, whilst growing a long-lasting network.

The SIIWII platform features the ability to connect with potential business partners and industry individuals right on the platform. On SIIWII, social media for business is reimagined through an embedded social media feed right on the platform’s homepage. With this added feature, users can promote their products, engage with the community, and gather instant feedback to use as data to optimize their marketing strategies.

SIIWII also offers its users the chance to showcase their apparel company and products by listing their products on the B2B Apparel Marketplace for global exposure. The B2B apparel marketplace allows users to input critical information about their products to their listing such as product stock availability (size and color), size ratio, share their listing privately, or make it public for the potential buyers to view.

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