Sportsman Cap & Bag Introduces Cutting-Edge Flexfit Styles

By Dustin Shrader , Managing Editor

Flexfit’s UniPanel Trucker 5511UP features a front panel boasting a blank canvas for endless decorating. Photo courtesy of Sportsman Cap & Bag

August 10, 2023

Sportsman Cap & Bag, Lenexa, Kansas, has added new, groundbreaking styles from Flexfit, one of its original and long-standing partners.

Headwear white cap

Flexfit’s NU Adjustable 6110NU. Photo courtesy of Sportsman Cap & Bag

Flexfit’s latest release, the “NU line,” presents a fresh take on the classic Flexfit cap. Among these styles, the NU Cap 6100NU and NU Adjustable 6110NU boast the company’s signature stretch-fit technology; however, these new caps come with added bonuses, including Cool & Dry moisture-wicking technology and a decoration-ready front panel with minimal stitching.

Catering to decorators’ creativity, the UniPanel Trucker 5511UP features a front panel, or UniPanel, offering an uninterrupted canvas that allows for endless decoration possibilities.

“Flexfit has been an integral part of our journey since the beginning,” says Dan Saferstein, president of Sportsman Cap & Bag. “Their commitment to pushing boundaries and introducing exciting designs and industry-first technology has consistently made them one of our top-selling brands.”

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