Sun Chemical Releases Regulatory Newsletter

July 14, 2022

Sun Chemical, Parsippany, N.J., recently released its Summer 2022 Regulatory Newsletter for customers.

Some of the regulations featured in the newsletter include:

• Delayed Revision of European Union Food-Contact Material Legislation
• Prohibition of Titanium Dioxide as food additive (The European Commission)
• India – Overturned 2018 Regulation that now allows the use of recycled plastic in food-contact materials
• Mercosur Trade Bloc – Amended food-contact materials and articles resolution
• Colombia – Ministry of Health and Social Protection technical regulation came into force in March 2022
• FEICA recommendation on Primary Aromatic Amines (PAAs) in Adhesives
• Restriction of Diisocyanates under EU REACH
• UK – Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance on availability of cosmetic products in Great Britain
• South Korea – Cosmetics Act revision introduced in February 2022
• Brazil – National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) Resolution RDC No. 600

“As global regulations continue to evolve and change, our customers trust Sun Chemical to not only provide sustainable solutions that comply with those updates but to give them guidance and information to help them remain current with all regulations,” says Gary Andrzejewski, corporate vice president, environmental affairs, Sun Chemical. “We’re proud to offer our regulatory newsletters to our customers to help them better respond to and navigate these global and regional regulatory updates.” — D.S.