Unifi Introduces New Product Certification and Innovations

February 14, 2022

Unifi, Inc., Greensboro, N.C., has launched an enhanced supply chain certification and two new products.

These additional innovations—U TRUST Product Certification, REPREVE SmartDye technology and Berry Compliant Knit Cord—enhance and support Unifi’s commitment to sustainability, transparency, and customer service, according to the company.

The U TRUST Product Certification allows brands to obtain an additional level of transparency for their products made with REPREVE recycled fibers and builds on other Unifi certifications: U TRUST Fabric Certification, Scientific Certification Systems, Oeko-Tex certification and the Global Recycle Standard certification. The U TRUST Product Certification allows brands to aggregate multiple REPREVE certified fabric components in a product and leverages a physical tracer (Unifi’s FiberPrint technology) that can be audited, proven, and found in the product throughout its life.

“Our newest certification gives brands additional peace of mind that goes beyond what a purely transaction-based certification can provide,” says Jay Hertwig, Unifi’s senior vice president of commercialization. “This certification’s credibility can be validated by external parties. The U TRUST Product Certification validator tool also introduces new functionality for corporate brands and retailers into their brands’ certifications.”

Unifi is also launching REPREVE SmartDye lower temperature dyeable recycled polyester. Available in REPREVE Polyester Staple Fiber and REPREVE Filament Fiber, REPREVE SmartDye improves dye cycle efficiency and achieves up to 30% energy savings without compromising a fabric’s performance, according to the company.

“We are listening to our customers and helping to meet their evolving needs through these three new innovations,” says Unifi CEO Eddie Ingle. “What makes REPREVE different is that it’s transparent, traceable and certified, and we continue to expand on those attributes. We’re proud that our new products are sustainably made using our USA-based vertically integrated supply chain. This—along with our new certification—will enable our customers to continue to tell eco-friendly stories about their brands.” — D.S.