Vanguard Co-Founder to Take Temporary Medical Leave of Absence

April 13, 2022

Vanguard Digital Printing Systems, a Durst Group company, Lawrenceville, Ga., has announced that Vanguard co-founder David Cich will take a temporary medical leave of absence from the company to focus on his recovery, following a serious accident in Amsterdam.

With the combination of an incredibly talented Vanguard team—founded by Cich, Jim Peterson, and Jim Case—and the experience and size of the Durst Group collectively, everything currently in progress, including expansion into Europe and attendance at upcoming trade shows, will continue without interruption, according to the company.

Vanguard will be managed by Tim Saur, president and managing director of Durst North America, and Peterson, co-founder of Vanguard and vice president of sales, during Cich’s recovery process.

Vanguard Digital and the Cich family kindly ask that, out of respect for the family, please refrain from texts, phone calls, emails, and, most importantly, social media posts regarding this matter. — D.S.