AWT World Trade Debuts New EQUINOX

March 10, 2021

AWT World Trade, Inc., Chicago, is now offering the EQUINOX, a new single-color, multi-pallet textile screen printer.

The Equinox produces a wide variety of textile products, including T-shirts, bags, towels, gloves, socks, and more. With the multi-pallet turntable feature, printers can achieve higher rates of production typically associated with automatic equipment while still benefiting from the Equinox’s relatively compact footprint and lower price point, according to the company. Operators can unload and reload substrates while another is simultaneously printed.

The Equinox features an adjustable stroke length and a universal masterframe compatible with most frames, including re-tensionable frames, securely locking into place for proper registration and outstanding print repeatability.

The tool-free squeegee and floodbar pressure adjustment is standard, and AWT’s patented Squeegeelizer assures uniform print pressure across the entire squeegee blade, delivering consistent tone throughout the image, according to the company. Independent squeegee and floodbar locking angle adjustments, independent speed controls for the squeegee and floodbar, and AWT’s patented quick-release Stay-Flat aluminum pallets also are standard. — D.S.