Freehand Releases Separation Software

April 3, 2018

Freehand Graphics, Holbrook, N.Y., has released Spot Process Separation Studio 4, with expanded functionality that includes quick and professional management of various print files and styles, thus dramatically improving file and film accuracy, and boosting productivity, according to the company.

From tonal (simulated process) to spot-color (simple and complex) printing, with direct-to-inkjet printing and key on-demand output options, Freehand has resolved costly and frustrating issues facing artists of all levels, according to the company.

The new software instantly corrects bad files by converting process values to useful spot colors while retaining properly created spot colors. Online files from companies such as InkSoft instantly become manageable files for output.

“A favorite advancement of our team here at Freehand is the support of the PSD format,” says Charlie Facini, president and CEO, Freehand Graphics. “All images, from simple 2-D to complex raster tonal, enjoy pixel-to-pixel transparency.”

Laura Franco, the company’s director of marketing, says one-click underbase creation with powerful options, live-view film nesting, print preview, power merging/press-fit features, and custom textile and ink libraries, will excite existing and new S[ot Process Separation Studio users.

Download a free software trial at — M.D.