Ink2image Launches New Website

July 15, 2015

Ink2image, Glenview, Ill., has launched a new website for producers of digital screen separations:

Centering on Ink2image’s Absolute Black and Absolute Clear inks for printing inkjet screen positives, also offers many useful accessories, films and information guides to assist in the screen separation process.

Ink2image Absolute Black inks make use of special UV-absorbing dyes that offer superior light-blocking characteristics compared to regular OEM ink offerings, according to the company. Designed for use primarily on printers that employ Epson print-head technology, Absolute Black is complemented by Absolute Clear inks for the redundant channels on dedicated screen separation printers.

Using Absolute Clear inks prevents expensive color ink waste and keeps print heads fresh, according to the company.  

For more information, visit — L.M.