InkSoft Offers Art Article

September 26, 2017

InkSoft, Tempe, Ariz., now offers a new article, written by industry veteran Marshall Atkinson, that explains the differences between raster and vector art, and what they mean to decorators and their customers.

In “Raster vs. Vector Art – An Endless Conversation,” Atkinson defines these commonly used terms and discusses what determines which file type decorators need and how to get it. Readers learn what comprises each of these file types, which type lends itself best to various kinds of artwork and how to assess file quality for optimal reproduction.

The article further provides tips for getting the needed art files from customers and responding to the assertion that, “This is all I have” when it’s not what is needed. The article gives practical ideas for educating customers and employees, and policies for handling file issues cost-effectively.

Readers also will get information on software and outside services for resolving problems with supplied files.

In addition, there is an image vocabulary list that explains common terms relating to art files, including “color models,” “lossless” and “loss files,” “raster and vector file extensions,”” and more, to enable readers to better translate art concepts to printing success.

Read the article by clicking here. — J.L.