Lawson Announces Patented Lock-N-Go Registration System

November 1, 2018

Lawson Screen & Digital Product, St. Louis, now offers the Lock-N-Go Registration System, which allows for the simultaneous registration of multiple screens, eliminating the need for the press operator to use a separate three-point register system on the platen.

The Lock-N-Go system mounts to each print head and can automatically register a multicolor screen-printing job in about 60 seconds, no matter how many colors.

To set up Lawson’s Lock-N-Go system, slide in the screen-printing frames into the print head, then push the “activate” button and the system takes over. Using internal air cylinders, the Lock-N-Go registers each screen to the same “X,Y” location, putting every color into registration across every screen in every print head.

The Lock-N-Go system also can re-register a screen in the middle of production. For this process, loosen the screen-holder knobs (or air locks), remove the old screen, insert a new screen and reactivate the Lock-N-Go. The new screen will lock back in place to restart printing.

Additionally, Lawson made the Lock-N-Go compatible with all major automatic screen-printing press brands. — D.S.