Monarch Launches New Plastisol Ink Line

February 19, 2019

Monarch Color Corp., Charlotte, N.C., has added the Stark ink line to its Low Temp plastisol inks.

The Stark ink line uses Monarch’s advanced technology at standard cure temperatures, according to the company.

“We are bringing the advanced technology we use in our Low Temp inks, and applying it to standard-temp inks,” says Aaron Blank, vice president of sales and marketing for Monarch Color Corp. “This new ink line provides the same high-opacity whites and colors as the rest of our inks, while being budget conscious.”

“We have really created something special,” he adds. “Unlike any other ink manufacturer, we have the same opacity and colors across all of our ink lines. [This] means, no matter which ink line you choose, they use the same blending system and standard colors, which means a printer can now combine the two systems and get the same results.” — D.S.