Monarch Launches Two New Plastisol Inks

March 25, 2020

Monarch Color Corp., Charlotte, N.C., recently launched two new plastisol inks:  ULT II, ultra-low temperature white plastisol ink and ULT Shield Grey, an ultra-low temperature, dye-blocking, underbase grey.

The ULT II White is built upon the ULT White with the ULT II having a shorter body. This improvement makes the ink easier to print for manual printers, according to the company.

“Creating a polyester white that is easy to print, even for a manual printer, has always been a challenge for the plastisol ink industry,” says Aaron Blank, vice president sales and marketing screen products, Monarch. “I truly believe with the launch of the ULT II white we have created the best low-temperature polyester white in the market.”

The ULT Shield Grey was created to be used in conjunction with the ULT II White.  The ULT Shield Grey cures at the same low temperature as the ULT II at 270°F. Monarch advises the Shield Grey should be used on dye-sublimated or extreme poorly dyed products in conjunction with the ULT II, as a shield against potential dye migration.

“Our low-tack shield grey is an amazing product against dye migration,” Blank says. “Although the ULT II White blocks almost all dye migration, sometimes there is a need for something a little stronger, and that is what the Shield Grey is for.” — D.S.