New MagnaColour Ink Line Addresses Printing Frustrations

May 25, 2016

MagnaColour Ltd., Barnsley, U.K., has launched of a range of ink products aimed at addressing printers’ long-held frustrations when using water-based inks.

The four new inks solve several different industry concerns, including slow drying when printing high detail; printing light colors on dark materials with a formaldehyde-free, water-based ink; and water-based ink that looks and performs better than PVC ink.

MagnaPrint Aquaflex achieves the performance of PVC with a water-based ink. MagnaPrint ULF Discharge has been designed to avoid the use of formaldehyde when printing on darker materials. MagnaPrint HB is a slow-drying, water-based ink formulated for use when fine detail and high-definition printing is required. MagnaPrint ND Soft Base is a non-drying ink that can be used on white or pale garments, as well as any PVC ink, but is far more economical, according to the company.

“We’re known as a leading advocate of environmentally sensitive inks, for which there’s a strong retailer and consumer demand,” says Jeanette Hardy, sales director, MagnaColour Ltd. “In the past, performance has been used as an excuse for not using water-based inks. In reality, as technology and processes advance, we’re making the impossible possible with water-based technology.”

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