Printavo Introduces New Features, Pricing

April 9, 2015

Printavo, Chicago, an online shop-management software suite, recently announced a new set of tools designed to help screen printers improve efficiency and centralize internal processes.

Printavo is releasing a pricing matrix, internal messaging, improved job scheduling, a public API, a [link to] partnership and more affordable pricing plans.

The new pricing matrix will allow print shops to price jobs quickly and accurately based on product catalogs and a customizable pricing matrix. Internal messaging will keep customer communication organized within Printavo instead of in cluttered email inboxes, according to the company. Also, users’ jobs calendars will now have monthly, weekly and daily views to focus on tasks. is a website that will allow users to automate data input and retrieval from Printavo to other apps on the Internet. Additionally, shops can use Printavo’s API to build custom functionality on top of the software, retrieving and sending data into their account.

For more information, visit — L.M.