ROQ Debuts Fully-Self-contained E Press

By Adam Cort, Content Director

Photo courtesy of ROQ US

October 30, 2023

Vancouver, Washington: Embrace your inner Thoreau and “Simplify! Simplify” with the recently introduced ROQ E screen-printing press. Described by veteran screen-printing equipment manufacturer ROQ US as the market’s first self-contained automatic press, the system incorporates its own dedicated ultra-quiet compressor, eliminating the need for an external third-party air supply and making setup a snap.

Available in both eight- and 10-station configurations for printing up to six or eight colors, the ROQ E is capable of decorating up to 900 garments per hour and includes many of the cutting-edge features for which ROQ is renowned.

Specific features include a set of low-profile platen arms for easy sleeve printing; a robust, fully electric central lifting system; and an easy-to-use HMI (human-machine interface). New with the system, is a latching system that allows an operator to lift away the print head, to remove the screen, clean the print head or insert a flash unit. Maintenance of the system has been kept as simple as possible as well.

In operation, the built-in compressor turns on every few seconds and then turns off again, making operation that much quieter.

The ROQ E measures a little over seven feet high and has a diameter of around 12 feet, making it ideal for shops with limited workspace. Base width is under four feet. For more information or to see a video of the system in action, click here.