Ryonet Debuts Video on Avoiding Dye Migration

May 25, 2016

A new instructional video from Ryonet, Vancouver, Wash., shows how to avoid dye migration when screen printing with water-based and high-solids acrylic inks on dark polyester using Green Galaxy Gamma Blocker Black under base.

In the video, shown above, Ryan Moor, CEO, Ryonet, demonstrates how Green Galaxy Gamma Blocker Black, with a combination of a fine carbon black and Green Galaxy Clear Core Base, can block virtually all dye migration at normal temperatures.

Viewers also will learn how to create an underbase for multicolor designs, including information on mesh counts, squeegee type and angle, flooding, print strokes, flashing and curing parameters, as well as tips for easy use. The video will span from artwork to cleanup, with the goal to help viewers achieve bright, high-quality soft-hand prints with stretchability, but that also are PVC- and pthalate-free.

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