Ryonet Hosts ‘Powering the Print Party’ Event

August 6, 2015

Ryonet Corp., Vancouver, Wash., recently hosted an event called “Powering the Print Party” as a launching point for the brand’s new focus: empowering creation in everyone.

The event, sponsored by Impressions, brought industry members together to honor and celebrate screen printers and the culture of screen printing. It was held in seven of Ryonet’s partner locations across the nation, Vancouver, Wash.; Oakland, Calif.; Cerritos, Calif.; Chicago; Shreveport, La.; Naples, Fla.; and Farmingdale, N.Y.

In addition to the multiple parties, Ryonet also used the hashtag #poweringtheprint to communicate across social channels and allow those who were remote to participate in the event.

A video, shown above, was debuted at each party. It was played simultaneously with a speech from CEO Ryan Moor, allowing all attendees to see the company’s new vision at the same time.

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