Ryonet Named ROQ’s Top Global Distributor

July 18, 2016

 Ryonet, Vancouver, Wash., has been named the top-selling global distributor for ROQ, a Portuguese manufacturer of automatic textile screen-printing equipment.

According to ROQ Export Manager João Sá, Ryonet was ranked No. 1 in world sales from January through June based on its 2016 sales in the United States and Canada, which accounted for about 15% of the company’s overall sales.

Ryonet has been partnered with ROQ since 2012 and is the exclusive U.S. distributor of its screen-printing machines. Sá cites professionalism and product performance as key factors in Ryonet’s success with the ROQ line, which he sees continuing with the installation of 300 machines forecast for this year. — M.Q.