Ryonet Offers Automatic Folding Machine Video

June 12, 2017

Ryonet, Vancouver, Wash., has released a new video showing the ROQfold, ROQpack and ROQstack automatic folding and packaging machine in action.

The video, shown above, demonstrates how each of the three expandable modules works, and viewers can discover how to add on to the system to meet your needs. The modules can be combined into one complete garment-packing solution that allows a single operator to fold and package almost any style of garment in sizes from infant to adult 4XL.

There also are options for stacking and packing folded garments.

The video gives a quick overview of the system’s capabilities, including the ROQpack’s ability to custom-weld a bag around each garment from plastic rolls instead of having to stock different bag sizes, and its ability to handle up to 800 pieces an hour with one operator. — J.L.