Ryonet Offers Part 4 Of New E-Book

October 31, 2017

Ryonet, Vancouver, Wash., is offering “Running at Full Speed,” the fourth and final e-book in its free series on building a screen-printing business.

This part of the book focuses on long-term planning for growth, including preparation for “D-Day,” or “Done Day,” by mapping out a financial strategy for the day the squeegee gets put down.

Readers also will find out how not to be in the 32% of small-business owners aged 45-64 with less than $100,000 set aside for retirement, and how planning ahead can benefit your business now by helping attract and retain employees.

A capsule primer on retirement-plan options discusses ways money can be saved to deliver long-term security and create mutual tax benefits for shop owners and employees. Readers will learn about SE IRAs, Simple IRAs, Solo 401(k)s and Traditional 401(k)s, including their key provisions, advantages and differences.

The e-book also discusses what to consider beyond price and why you need to select a provider to handle plan administration.

Get your free copy of “Running At Full Speed” by clicking here. — J.L.