News: Offers CorelDRAW Bootcamp

August 4, 2016

Renowned freelance artist and high-end separator Thomas Trimingham, who runs, is offering early-access pricing for an upcoming CorelDRAW course.

The six-week course, “CorelDRAW 0-60 Bootcamp,” gives students access to two lessons a week with graphics exercises, all in a video format. Early-access pricing, which will close Aug. 5 at 5 p.m. CST, is $119 (regular price is $239) and includes lifetime access to the class for screen printers and artists.

The class will cover:

1. A shortcut for new CorelDRAW users to learn the basics for completing startup tasks. Five main art tasks are covered and practiced. Intermediate users are shown quick keys and advanced scripts for faster processing of these tasks.

2. Shortcuts in the setup, re-creation and art-approval steps so users will know what to do regardless of the art file you receive from a client. This includes poor photos, screen grabs and used napkins.

3. Step-by-step methods for importing and exporting files.

4. How to find and install fonts, and multiple shortcuts to make them less of a hassle when designs need to be done quickly.

5. Tracing bitmaps and line drawings so they can be made into vectors for easy editing.

6. Developing, copying, re-creating/modifying logos, as well as integrating looser, hand-drawn styles and distress overlays.

7. Easy-to-create special effects that can be replicated and separated for screen printing.

8. Four main ways to prep, stage and output designs depending on your device or service.

9. Trapping and image correction for separation and low-quality bitmaps, with special emphasis on the simplest methods for each that maintain image and separation quality.

10. Business cards and layouts.

Sign up for the early access course by clicking here. — J.L.