Vastex Debuts New Screen-Printing Prepress System

October 23, 2020

Vastex Intl., Bethlehem, Pa., has introduced a prepress system for screen-printing shops comprised of performance-matched components that significantly reduce prepress time and increase registration accuracy, according to the company.
The package includes a washout booth to clean, inspect and develop screens; a semi-automatic screen coater to precisely apply emulsion; a drying cabinet to cure the emulsion; an LED exposing unit to expose the emulsion; and a pin registration system to preregister screens as well as accurately register screens onto the press.
The stainless-steel Washout Booth, model VWB-3627, is equipped with a frosted acrylic back panel and backlight to aid in visual inspection of the screen and frame during cleaning, inspection and final development.
Foot-pedal operation of the wall-mounted C-1000 Semi-Automatic Screen Coater lowers the screen at a constant rate. — D.S.