Vastex Upgrades Automatic Screen Coater

July 21, 2016

 Vastex Intl., Allentown, Pa., has added a series of upgrades to its C-1000 semi-automatic screen coater.

The machine now includes a digital voltmeter that allows the operator to dial in a specific coating speed based on the voltage reading for consistent, repeatable results, according to Vastex President Mark Vasilantone.

The top screen clamp also has been redesigned to accommodate screens 10-36 inches in height, with virtually no width limitation, for greater design flexibility, according to the company. The spring-loaded clamp holds wood, aluminum and retensionable frames up to 11 lbs.

The redesigned screen coater also is equipped with a larger and more powerful motor that provides smoother motion and handles heavier screens, according to the company. — M.Q.