Best New Headwear: Atlantis Headwear 100 Percent Sustainability by 2025

From 2024 Impressions Industry Impact Awards

Atlantis Headwear Company has committed to incorporating environmentally friendly components across its entire product line by 2025. Photo courtesy Italy’s Atlantis Headwear Company


The Atlantis Headwear Company is no stranger to either sustainability or fair-trade practices, having among other things begun employing greener dyeing processes and establishing a “traceability passport” program for its products as far back as 2018. More recently, though, it’s safe to say the company has taken these efforts to a whole new level with its commitment to incorporate reduced environmental impact elements across its entire product line by 2025. Specific initiatives include the use of a wide range of sustainable materials, like low-impact Polylana fibers, and recycled polyester, cotton and nylon; the use of the dope dying process, to reduce the amount of water and energy the company requires; and a close examination of its entire supply chain in an effort to not only reduce the company’s carbon footprint but ensure safe and just working conditions for both its own employees and those of its suppliers. It’s long been understood running a responsible company isn’t about doing just a couple of things right, but adopting a mindset that makes doing the right thing integral to the way a company does business. In addition to making great hats, Atlantis is clearly a company that has taken this approach to heart. For more information, visit

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