Best New Team Athletic Apparel: A4 Recycled Materials/Pricing

From 2024 Impressions Industry Impact Awards

A4 is not just making a major commitment to the use of recycled materials, it is doing so without raising prices. Photo courtesy of A4


Kids of all ages love nothing better than putting on a great-looking new team uniform. There’s a downside, though, to all the fun, and that is its environmental footprint. The dirty little secret of the fashion and decorated apparel industry is the waste that results when things like team uniforms are thrown away at, say, the end of the season. Kudos, therefore, to family-owned sportswear specialist A4, which in addition to its already fine product line is putting its money where its mouth is in terms of sustainability. Specifically, per the company, A4 is not only now employing recycled fibers wherever and whenever possible to “help reduce plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills,” it’s making this shift “without charging our customers a penny.” Why is this important? Because all too often “sustainable” products come at a substantial premium, putting them out of reach for those consumers with less money to spend. Only by making sustainability as affordable as possible will the industry succeed in creating a business model that is truly effective from an environmental perspective, i.e. one that everyone can take part in equally. Nice work A4 putting Mother Earth right up there with profits! For more information, visit

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