Baby Tees


Inspired by the shrunken silhouettes of the past but with a modern twist, the BELLA+CANVAS Baby Tees are crafted from a soft, micro-ribbed, Airlume cotton fabric that stretches and recovers with ease, comfortably fitting bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Baby Tees were all the rage of the ’90s and early aughts, clinging to the torsos of the era’s most prominent pop-cultural icons. These nostalgic silhouettes (and those who wore them) carried with them a sense of effortless cool, comfort, and emboldened self-expression. According to the company, BELLA+CANVAS began in the blank apparel space by selling this same tee, and now, coming full circle with the brand-new line.

Baby Tees are available in seven silhouettes and 10 colors. For more information, click here.