Personal Protection Equipment Kits

From NameBadges International

NameBadges International now offers personal protection equipment (PPE) kits. They are ideal as giveaways at events, as thank-you gifts to corporate clients, as a goodwill employee care package for those working at home, direct mail promotions and more, accorisng to the company. The kits contain two or more of the following products: face mask, 4-ounce hand sanitizer, no-contact door opener tool, and ear saver. The no-contact door opener tool allows users to avoid touching surfaces such as door handles, toilets, keypads, elevator buttons and anything connected to checking out at a store. The ear saver is an adjustable hook that is worn behind the head to hold the elastic straps on face masks, saving ears from the possible discomfort of the elastic band. Masks can be customized with a logo, message or graphic, as well as the bag or container in which the kit comes.