DK20 Clamshell Heat Press

From Dalco Athletics

Dalco Athletics now offers the DK20 16″ x 20″ clamshell heat press, featuring a back-lit controller with digital pressure gauge, an auto-release pop-up option and a “hover” feature. The pressure gauge displays current pressure and shows changes that occur when clamping via an on-screen bar graph. The auto-release pop-up option enables easier opening. The hover feature allows users to clamp the press at a hovering level to only cure and not contact or apply pressure to the garment. To use the hover feature, either close the press fully for normal clamping on transfers or set the handle down lightly for the auto-release mechanism to clamp the press in hover mode. Other features include dual prepress timers; improved programmable presets; increased temperature range (32°F-600°F); user-resettable cycle counter; a large, bright display and more.