HIX EVO TOUCH SideKick 20 Manual Heat Press

From HIX Corp.

The new HIX EVO TOUCH SideKick 20 heat press combines rock-solid manual operation with the convenience of twin lower platens.

Providing up to 1,200 pounds of downward pressure, the SideKick 20 will help improve your shop’s production output by allowing decorators to work continuously on two stations. The movement of the manually operated sliding head also provides easy access to the two 16-inch-by-20-inch lower platens for precise substrate placement.

The SideKick employs the same features found throughout the EVO Series, including a full-color LCD touchscreen controller offering a wealth of setting options (including up to four programmable presets) and improved pressure-resistant molded lower platen pads.

The system’s unique cantilever design makes it possible for operators to easily open, or “split,” and load a shirt onto the press, thereby upping production speeds and preventing bleed through to the other side of the shirt when decorating.

The press’s digital timer is adjustable for settings up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds, includes a countdown readout display and beeps when the set time has elapsed. With its full range of pressure adjustments, the SideKick 20 is well suited to decorating everything from ceramic tiles to mouse pads, glass cutting boards and plaques, in addition to T-shirts and other garments.

Weighing in at 260 pounds, the SideKick 20 has an overall width of 38 inches, a depth of 32 inches and can be operated on either 120v or 220v power. Made in the United States, the unit’s heating element comes with a lifetime warranty.

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