Schulze PRETREATmaker 5

From Brother International

Specifically built for the mid-size to high-volume shop, the new Schulze PRETREATmaker 5 from Brother International is designed to work with the GTXpro and GTXpro B digital direct-to-garment printers to maximize your production.

Thanks to its adjustable five-nozzle system with six presets, the operator can consistently dial in exactly the right amount of pretreatment ensuring higher-quality prints. The Smart Spray technology allows the user to input a total gram amount and spray size, which is then automatically applied. Maximum spray area measures 16.5 x 23.6 inches.

Increasing production and reducing downtime are water and pretreat tanks with digital level monitoring so fluid levels can be maintained. The operator is notified when tanks are empty and can quickly refill as needed. A three-color LED lamp (green/yellow/red) on top of the machine tracks each production stage.

Operator-friendly tools make the PRETREATmaker 5 easy to learn and use. It features a large 7-inch touchscreen display with an intelligent menu that guides the user through its operation and maintenance functions, and notifies when upkeep or support needs to be performed.

Its smart system is powered by advanced chip technology that allows for a fully automated workflow. This includes a scan-to-spray barcode feature that makes it simple to match the settings to the job with less room for error. An internal log file is written and can be downloaded via USB.

For mass-production shops, Brother offers its Schulze PRETREATmaker 5 Max. It works with the GTX600 to keep up with the higher output this printer demands. It also has a larger spray area measuring 24.8 x 24.8 making it great for oversize designs.