Synergy + Firefly All-In-One Production System with LINX Software

From Brother DTG

Synergy + Firefly All-In-One Production System with LINX barcode software, now offered by Brother DTG, is a start-to-finish modular unit for volume direct-to-garment (DTG) digital decorating. Combining an automatic pretreater (Synergy), conveyor dryer (Firefly) and barcode automation software (LINX) allows it to pretreat up to 150 shirts per hour. The LINX software program uses barcode technology to link all equipment components to automate the process and provide complete control. Synergy adjusts the amount and spray size of the pretreatment area based on profiled garment specifications and artwork size. The software takes a PNG and creates an ARX4 file that the GTX printer can read to size and place the artwork for the job. There also are two sets of independently functioning spray nozzles and an integrated mixing system for the concentrated pretreatment solution.