Synergy + Firefly All-In-One Production System

From Brother DTG

The Brother DTG Synergy + Firefly all-in-one production system, a start-to-finish modular unit for volume digital direct-to-garment decorating, combines an automatic pretreater (Synergy) and conveyor dryer (Firefly). A software program using barcode technology links all equipment components to automate the process and provide complete control from a single panel. The connection to the Firefly allows for rapid pretreat evaporation, according to the company. A transport belt from the Synergy system into the Firefly supports continuous operational flow. There also are two sets of independently functioning spray nozzles and an integrated mixing system for the concentrated pretreatment solution. After the user provides the artwork, a bar code is generated and applied to the garment, which is scanned at the Synergy and loaded on the belt using the projection system and pretreated. The print-ready garment is automatically transferred to Firefly, where the pretreat fluid is dried. It is then scanned at the GTX printer, and the artwork file is loaded. The operator loads the garment on the printer and presses the print button. The printed garment is loaded on the Firefly belt for curing, and the bar code is scanned to produce the shipping label (API connections are available). The system is scalable, with rates of up to 140 units per hour achievable with four Brother GTX printers.