VersaOBJECT™ MO-240

From Roland DGA

Roland DGA now offers the new Roland DG VersaOBJECT™ MO-240, a UV benchtop flatbed printer that is ideal for product customization and personalization, the MO-240 incorporates a combination of updated technologies that allow users to print vibrant, detailed graphics and text directly on a wide variety of three-dimensional objects faster than ever before.

The MO-240 boasts two newly developed large printheads in a staggered formation, a new, more powerful UV-LED lamp, and dot control technology optimized for high-speed output – a combination that allows this device to achieve productivity of 22.28 square feet per hour in standard mode. Productivity for simultaneous white ink printing has also been improved to approximately double that of previous models. In addition, the MO-240’s specially formulated ECO-UV 5 (EUV5) inks take even less time to cure, ensuring that small characters, fine text, and subtle gradations can be reproduced in high definition to the smallest detail.

The MO-240 features a 24” x 18” print area, enabling direct printing on three-dimensional objects up to eight inches thick. This expansive print space allows for printing on items that vary in size and shape. An optional Rotary Rack 2 unit is also available, making it simple to print on bottles, flasks, and other cylindrical objects with diameters ranging from 0.39 inches to 4.76 inches.

Roland DG’s EUV5 inks include Orange and Red in addition to CMYK, White and Gloss. By controlling Orange and Red as process colors, the color gamut is expanded by approximately 20 percent compared to CMYK printing, resulting in superior color reproduction and accuracy. The Gloss ink makes it easy for users to produce premium gloss or matte finishes and add unique textural and dimensional effects, including simulated embossing. Plus, EUV5 inks can be printed on a wide range of soft and hard materials, including plastic, paper, leather, wood, and many other substrates. When printing on glass and metal, users can employ primer ink to ensure optimum adhesion. The MO-240 printer’s unmatched versatility makes it perfect for printing on a wide range of objects, such as smart phone cases, custom promotional items, leather bags, bottles, awards, electronic devices, control panels, membrane switches, and more.

Roland DG has also designed the MO-240 for ease of use. A 7-inch full-color touch panel makes printer operation more intuitive, allowing quick access to print settings and maintenance functions. New automated cleaning functions keep the printhead in good condition, helping to ensure consistent print quality day in and day out. Additionally, the MO-240 comes with included VersaWorks® 6 professional RIP software, which streamlines the user’s workflow by providing precise, high-speed processing of PDF, EPS, and PS files as well as auto-generation of White, Gloss, and Primer layers with the touch of a button.