Embroidery Honorable Mention: Coloreel Thread-Dying System

From 2024 Impressions Industry Impact Awards

The revolutionary Coloreel system is fast making waves across the commercial embroidery industry. Photo courtesy of Coloreel

It goes without saying the Coloreel thread-dying system made quite the splash when it first appeared. Equally impressive, though, has been the speed with which it has grown in popularity—the mark of a game-changing product or technology if ever there was one. As recently as the 2023 Impressions Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the only Coloreel system on display was the one being shown by Hirsch Solutions. Fast forward to the 2024 Impressions Expo in Long Beach, California, though, and multiple examples could be seen on display in multiple booths across throughout the show. Configured in such a way as to be compatible with pretty much any industrial embroidery machine you can imagine, the Coloreel system foregoes the need for the multiple spools of different colored thread traditionally required by embroiderers. Instead, it provides “high-quality dyeing of embroidery thread on demand,” thereby making it possible to create colorful designs complete with exquisitely subtle color gradients using white thread alone. Not only that, it turns out that by minimizing the waste, storage space and water consumption inherent in the use of traditional colored thread, Coloreel is also good for the environment. Here’s to the continued expansion of this technology in the years to come! For more information, visit

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