Allied Grid-Lock Embroidery Hoops

From The PAS Store

Allied Grid-Lock (AGL) plastic tubular hoops, now offered by The PAS Store, feature horizontal and vertical grid lines on the top face of the hoop arms as a guide for straight hooping. Each line is 1 cm away from the lines adjoining it and can be identified by a letter or number. The lines serve as an instant distancing guide, facilitating precise embroidery placement by enabling alignment of the chosen hoop line with a reference point on the garment, according to the company. All AGL frames also have single and double vertical lines on the inner hoop’s circumference, which offers accurate alignment and correct positioning on a patterned item and can be used as an instant distancing guide on rectangular frames. Allied Grid-Lock hoops are available in six round sizes, from 7 cm-21 cm and six rectangular sizes, from 14 cm x 15 cm to 30 cm x 30 cm.