Two-Ounce Cutaway

From American Embroidery Supply

American Embroidery Supply offers the #3075 2-ounce cutaway stabilizer as moderate-grade embroidery backing that offers softness, stability and easy cutting, according to the company. Made of synthetic and cellulose fibers treated with a chemical binder, this product has a high pulp concentration. The wet-laid process used to produce it ensures multidirectional stable embroidery support without stretching, and added silicone needle lubricant ensures smooth sewing. It is ideal for use on lightweight knits, such as T-shirts and golf shirts, with low stitch counts. It is available in black and white in 46-inch-wide, 125- and 250-yard rolls; 23-inch-wide, 125-yard rolls; and 15-inch wide, 25- and 50-yard rolls. Precut pieces are available in 250- and 500-count bundles.