Hirsch Tajima TMBP-SC1501

From Hirsch Solutions

The Tajima TMBP-SC1501 from Hirsch Solutions has all the features of the Tajima’s standard singlehead embroidery machine except that it doesn’t have sides.

The lack of sides eliminates size restrictions from left to right so it gives users the ability to do items such as polo shirts and caps with the added capability of doing golf bags, oversized jackets, blankets and a variety of large, hard-to-hoop items.

It features a streamlined, cubical design frame, 15 needles and a maximum sewing speed of 1,200 stitches per minute. The tubular sewing area measures 14” x 19.6”. The cap sewing area is 3” x 14.2”. The machine’s dimensions are 30” x 34” x 38”.