New Durkee SturdiFrames

From The PAS Store

The PAS Store now offers four new Durkee SturdiFrames products designed to be used on Brother Entrepreneur 6- and 10-needle and Baby Lock 10-needle machines. These new frames are constructed of three-sixteenth-inch anodized aluminum with stainless steel brackets to attach the frames to the machine arms. The first size has a 7.875″ x 8″ sewing field. The second is 7.875″ x 11″ and the third is 7.875″ x 14″. These three all attach to the “A” arms of a 10-needle machine and are recognized by the machine as the “extra-large” hoop.The fourth frame has a 14″ x 14″ sewing field, and it attaches to the “B” arms of the 10-needle machine. The frame recognizes it as the “jumbo” hoop. This size is excellent for split design projects requiring a larger sewing field, according to the company.