Soft Tearaway Stabilizers

From Cotswold

Soft tearaway stabilizers, offered by Cotswold, can be torn off quickly and often used instead of a cutaway to speed production. They are available in two weights that are made using the wet-laid nondirectional process to ensure a multi-directionally stable foundation that will not stretch or distort before, during or after sewing. The 1.5-ounce, premium soft tearaway (305S) is ideal for almost any type of fabric and stitch counts up to 8,000 stitches, while the 1.8-ounce, soft tearaway (308S) will support stitch counts ranging from 12,000-15,000. Other features include polyester fibers ensuring tight registration and silicone to aid in needle glide, which helps minimize needle and thread breaks. Soft tearaway stabilizers come in white and customizable orders.