ZSK Sprint 7 Embroidery Machine

From GSG

The new ZSK Sprint 7, offered by GSG, is an 18-needle, bridge-style machine with vibration-free sewing and the ability to sew up to 1,200 stitches per minute. Adaptable to sequinning, cording and other specialty embellishment devices without electronic board or electrical alterations, it is designed to meet current embroidery needs and allow for diversification, according to the company. A small tubular arm with a curved design tackles hard-to-embroider areas. The arm length has been extended to 20mm to accommodate narrow textiles. Other features include a full-color screen; adjustable presser foot; three USB ports; ethernet and Windows-based networking; 80-million-stitch memory; integrated design editor; and automatic error analysis. Soft-tension technology enables stitching of small, high-quality lettering.