Flashback Shuttle Flash Cure Unit

From Workhorse Products

Workhorse recently redesigned its Flashback Shuttle Flash Cure unit. New features include an E-chain follower added to the carriage routing all wiring and power connections away from any heat generated by the quartz bulbs. In addition, the air and power connections have been repositioned to the side of the control box shielding them from potential heat generated by the bulbs. The new control box replaces traditional point-to-point wiring with an improved, custom-made printed circuit board (PCB). Additionally, a DB-9 cable and jack system have been added to each unit allowing multiple units to be interconnected. Foot brakes on each caster ensure the flash unit remains firmly positioned during operation. It is available in two sizes; one size will work with the Freedom Express while the other size is designed to fit the Cutlass and Sabre automatic line presses.