Ryonet Sgreen Ink Degrader Recirculation System

From Ryonet Corp.

The new Ryonet Sgreen Ink Degrader Recirculation System helps decrease the amount of chemicals that go down a shop’s drain and allows users to reuse products so they don’t have to buy as much. A 30-gallon tank with separators is filled with ink degrader. A bristled flow-through brush is connected to the tank and, using a standard air connector and compressor, cleaner is dispensed from the brush onto what is being cleaned. Underneath the sink, a hose connects the drain to the tank collecting used chemicals and ink. The used cleaner is filtered through a 75-micron filter and is collected in a separate compartment ready to be reused. The 21” x 33” x 20” unit can reclaim up to 15 gallons at time.