Sabre Automatic Press Series

From Workhorse Products

Workhorse Products now offers the Sabre, a new series of automatic screen-printing presses. This press features a continuous drive indexing system and a state-of-the-art touchscreen control panel that allows operators to have full command of all press functions and diagnostics at their fingertips, according to the company. Machine status, the flash location, operation mode, print head status and production rates all can be instantly checked. Other features include micro-registration, independent squeegee and flood-bar pressure adjustments, quick-release pallets and a standard 20″ x 20″ image area. It also comes in six-, eight-, 10- and 12-color configurations. The six-, eight- and 10-color presses can be used with the patented Flashback, an integrated flash-cure unit that allows for printing, flashing and cooling on the same head. All color configurations are compatible with the Plug N Go Quartz flash unit.