Cool Sport™ Colors (6100 Series)

From International Coatings Company

International Coatings Company introduces its new line of Cool Sport™ Colors (6100 Series).

Cool Sport™ Color plastisol inks are based on our proprietary CoolTech™ technology and are now part of our expanding line of FlexCure™ screen printing inks. FlexCure™ inks offer a ‘flexible’ curing range – from a low 275°F/135°C to the standard 325°F/163°C.

CoolTech™ products rely on the same chemistry found in our popular Cool White™ (7022) ink. CoolTech™ adds strength, elongation, and elasticity to inks, and enables Cool Sport™ inks to be printed on multiple substrates.

Cool Sport™ Colors feature 13 brilliant, ready-for-use team- and sports-related colors (formerly found in our 6100 Super Opaque™ Series Direct Print Plastisol). Cool Sport™ Color inks contain a high pigment load for maximum coverage on dark garments, thus eliminating the need for under-basing. They are suitable for printing on 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, non-woven polypropylene and some polyesters.

Cool Sport™ Colors print beautifully through higher mesh counts on light colored garments and can be reduced to obtain soft-hand, opaque prints. The ink is smooth and creamy with an even consistency and low tack. Cool Sport™ Colors are formulated for printing on automatic as well as manual printers and, with low build up.